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Provisional Patent

As a patent can be so crucial in maintaining a business advantage, many inventors/businesses wish to patent their inventions even before they are finalised. This is possible through a provisional patent, which helps the inventor establish earliest ownership over the invention on submission of the provisional specifications of the product or process. As India follows the first-to-file system, this would ensure that the holder of the provisional patent would also be granted the permanent patent.

What you get

Search Details:
We will examine all the possible details, including potential uses of the invention across industries and likely benefits over existing products.
Drafting of Application:
A professional, our affiliate, will take up your request and draft the application based on the details you send in.
Filing of Application:
The drafted document will be filed with the Registrar and, on acceptance, you would be able to use “Patent Pending on your product any time over the next year…..for more details CLICK


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