Trademark Assignment Agreement| Venture Care

What is Trademark Assignment?


Trademark rights are transferrable through assignment agreements. When a trademark is assigned by an owner to another party, its ownership is conferred upon the other party, either completely (with goodwill) or for a limited number of products or services (without goodwill). It usually involves a one-time payment. Such an agreement (often called an assignment deed) can be signed even if the trademark is unregistered; creative designers, for example, are often asked to assign ownership of the work to the entity that commissioned it. Registered trademarks can also be assigned, of course. In both cases, the asignee must apply to the Registrar within six months.

What you get

Deed Drafting:
Venture-care’s lawyer will draft the deed on behalf of both parties, detailing the transfer to be made.
Assignment Application:
We will file the application, depending on whether it’s a registered or unregistered trademark.
Regular Updates:
We will keep you posted on the status of your application throughout.

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